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Degree Level Examination

The Institution conducts Section-A & Section-B of the Associate Membership (also known as Chartered Engineers) examination in mechanical engineering. Subjects are given below:

Associate Membership (C. Eng)

Section A

Code Subject
A 1 Introduction to Manufacturing Process
A 2 Ad Electrical Technology
A 3 Mechanics
A 4 Fundamental of Computer
A 5 Adv Engg Mathematics
A 6 Thermodynamics
A 7 Fluid Mechanics
A 8 Society,Environment, Engineering
A 9 Dynamics
A 10 Adv Mat Sc & Metallurgy
A 11 Heat Transfer-I
A 12 Theory of Machine

Section B

Code Subject
BC 1 Environmental Engineering
BC 2 Computer Graphics
BC 3 I.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering
BC 4 Operation Research
BC 5 Ad.Strength of Materials
BC 6 Industrial Economics & Management
BC 7 Mechanical Measurements
BC 8 Hydraulic Machines

Note: In addition to 8 compulsory subjects, Section - B students are required to appear and pass in 3 optional subjects

Optional Subjects for Section B

Code Subject
BO 1.1 Refrigeration & Air- Conditioning
BO 1.2 Metal Cutting & Tool Design
BO 1.3 Jigs & Fixture Design
BO 1.4 CAD/ CAM (Application ) & Automation
BO 1.5 CNC Programming
BO 1.6 Meteorology & Quality Control
BO 1.7 Management of Technology
BO 1.8 Machine Vibration Analysis
BO 1.9 Machine Tool Design

Diploma Level Examination

Part I

Code Subject
TE1.1 Communication Skills
TE1.2 Engg. Mathematics - I
TE1.3 Applied Physics
TE1.4 Applied Chemistry
TE1.5 Engg. Mathematics II
TE1.6 Computer Applications

Part II - Mechanical (T. Eng.)

Code Subject
TE2.1 Applied Mechanics
TE2.2 Electrical Technology
TE2.3 Engg. Graphics
TE2.4 Strength Of Materials
TE2.5 Theory Of Machines
TE2.6 Manufacturing Processes
TE2.7 Thermal Engineering
TE2.8 Industrial Organization & S M
TE2.9 Fluid Power
TE2.10 Workshop Practice
TE2.11 Machine Design
TE2.12 Metrology and Quality Control
TE2.13 Production Technology
TE2.14 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning System
TE2.15 Automobile Manufacturing System

Note: After completion of theory papers, students have to undergo at least three months mandatory Apprenticeship / Practical Training / Project Submission at any AICTE recognized polytechnic for award of Technician Engineers Certificate


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